Tuesday, February 11, 2020

MOTOROLA MOBILITY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

MOTOROLA MOBILITY - Essay Example The decline at Motorola Mobility has been blamed in part to the many number of models that were produced to cater to particular geographical and demographic areas, which was met with limited appeal. In addition, Motorola Mobility shied away from investing in products that were riskier, but more innovative for the long term. According to Iqbal Arshad, who was head of the Droid and RAZR teams, the company saw an increase in commitments from stakeholders who ensured they released at least forty products every year (Gold, 2012: p51). This reduced their ability to focus and seek to make a more lasting innovative difference. Motorola Mobility should seek to cut back drastically on the models that they release, as well as seek to sell directly in only a limited number of countries. The company has to simplify its business in order to focus on specific innovative products. In addition, the company could bring in new engineers to supplement the current ones who know the culture of Motorola Mo bility (Goggin, 2012: p744). In order to reclaim Motorola’s market share, the organization could pitch Motorola Mobility as the underdog start-up of the industry and develop a model that is symbolic of the turnaround. The firm will only get one chance to re-define their product and, therefore, the themes they select must be innovative, viable, and iconic. The new flagship model should also be designed to appeal to a mass market, rather than the more limited target market of the Droid. The company should also improve on its personalization scheme that allows Motorola Mobility device users to customize their products (Goggin, 2012: p744). While it is still in its infancy, the innovative scheme portends one of the organization’s biggest opportunities. The customization process could be enabled as an app or on a website, allowing the customers to request their customized phone remotely from various colors and textures. The customization process should also last for a short er time in order to counter attempts by rivals to pick up on their innovation and differentiate it by making it faster (Goggin, 2012: p745). Finally, this customization scheme should also allow for customization of software, which will require the engineers at the firm to come up with innovative ways to enable this feature. Despite the takeover by Google Inc, it may be prudent to maintain Motorola Mobility as an independent firm that engineers products independently. This would be the best choice for Google Inc that supports other companies on its Android platform and for Motorola Mobility as it will give them the innovative freedom required (Ickin et al, 2012: p51). It is important that the Motorola Mobility brand remains live from the bottom to the top, including in its management. However, running the company as an independent entity may not portend any business advantage to Google Inc as the organization is losing money. Since Google cannot offer early access to Motorola Mobilit y of its Android platform due to its other smartphone partners, it should be left up to the firm to create their own signature product. Having lost money prior to its acquisition, Motorola Mobility should now focus on producing a flagship Motorola product without relying on Google’s Android platform. It is clear that innovation is not a problem for

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